What is Spend?

spend is the name of the Spend SDK application for the Spend Hub. It comes with 2 main entrypoints:

  • spend: The Spend Daemon, runs a full-node of the spend application.
  • spendcli: The Spend command-line interface, which enables interaction with a Spend full-node.

spend is built on the Spend SDK using the following modules:

  • x/auth: Accounts and signatures.
  • x/bank: Token transfers.
  • x/staking: Staking logic.
  • x/mint: Inflation logic.
  • x/distribution: Fee distribution logic.
  • x/slashing: Slashing logic.
  • x/gov: Governance logic.
  • x/ibc: Inter-blockchain transfers.
  • x/params: Handles app-level parameters.

About the Spend Hub: The Spend Hub is the first Hub to be launched in the Spend Network. The role of a Hub is to facilitate transfers between blockchains. If a blockchain connects to a Hub via IBC, it automatically gains access to all the other blockchains that are connected to it. The Spend Hub is a public Proof-of-Stake chain. Its staking token is called the Stakings.

Next, learn how to install Spend.